Start your day filled with energy, through a rich and delicious breakfast offered at Hani Zisi to all our guests.
Enjoy coffee, tea and fruit juice, as well as a wide selection of sweet and savory delicacies that will excite you and offer you what you need for another exploration adventure in the wider area of Pelion.
Eggs and omelets are prepared as per your taste, while freshly baked croissants, cakes and pastries complete an unforgettable breakfast experience in nature. Whether at the breakfast area or on your private balcony, each morning becomes even more amazing with the flavors and aromas of breakfast!
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Hani Zisi Hotel,Hania,37011
Pelion, Greece
Tel: +302428 0 96414
Fax: +302428 0 96427
ΜΗΤΕ: 0726Κ012Α0177000
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