Makrinitsa & Portaria

Makrinitsa Magnesia

Makrinitsa Magnesia
Makrinitsa is well known as the balcony of Pelion, perched on the edge of the mountain and combining unparalleled natural beauty with spectacular vistas all around.
This traditional settlement of Volos is one of the most enchanting mountainous villages in Greece, with an exceptional aroma of tradition and authenticity composing each cobbled pathway. Its history dates back centuries ago, while its architecture remains impeccable.

Portaria Magnesia

Portaria is an imposing kefalochori (large village) that boasts its presence in Magnesia, offering a glance at the past and the way locals lived centuries ago.
The old mansions are magnetizing for travelers, while it is remarkable that in Portaria tourism never ceases to flourish throughout the year.
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